BG-983 Gaming BagPack


Fantech BG-983 Gaming Backpack- Black

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Fantech BG-983 Gaming Backpack- Black

Product details of Fantech BG-983 Gaming Backpack- Black

  • Capacity with a small size – 510 x 290 x 150 mm
  • Rich black color, interior decoration, corresponding to the brand concept; convenient zoning
  • The minimum weight for this group of backpacks is 0.78 kg
  • Reliable wide belts
  • Comfortable security system (chest strap)
  • Aesthetic appearance
  • Strength and durability
  • Several volume controllers

Stylish accessory is made of strong waterproof ballistic fabric (nylon), used for the production of army tents and backpacks. Rubberized zippers and high-quality fittings make it possible to keep the technique dry in all weather conditions. The optimal shape for the backpack ensures uniform weight distribution, which is very important for young people caring for their posture.

Stylish gaming backpack Fantech Gaming Backpack BG-983 designed and released by a Chinese company specializing in gadgets gadgets. The model differs ergonomics, light weight and functionality. In isolated compartments, a laptop, keyboard, mouse, headphones, a rug, a power unit, chargers, a phone, flash drives and much more will be located freely. The style is more athletic, but it looks great with a kazhual and even with a business suit. A backpack made of super-strong ballistic fabric that does not allow water and is resistant to erasure is made. Perfect quality of the accessory is guaranteed by a multi-level pre-sale check.

Additional information

Weight 0.78 kg
Dimensions 510 × 290 × 150 mm


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